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This project is for the schema of alspac data catalogues and meta data on data sets

URI: Name: alspac-data-catalogue-schema


Class Description
AlspacDataCatalogue Represents an alspac data catalogue
AlspacDataSetVersion Represents a version of a named_alspac_data_set
AlspacDataSetVersionFreeze Represents a freeze of a version of named_alspac_data_set
BespokeAlspacDataset This class is for describing and recording files that are released as bespoke...
DataContainer A dir/folder in a freeze, or version
DataDistribution A dataset distribution has a location, file type and file size
DatasetPart Represents a part of named alspac data set, in a version or freeze or custom...
KnownIssue Known issues for a dataset should have a description, when they are logged an...
NamedAlspacDataset Represents a named_alspac_data_set
NamedThing A generic grouping for any identifiable entity
Paper a scientific paper
Person A person
QCKeyValue A qc part with a key and a value
Script A description and attributes of a script included in a version or freeze
UGKeyValue A user guide entry


Slot Description
all_individuals_to_exclude_md5sum The md5sum of the all_individuals_to_exclude to make this freeze
authors A list of orcids for the authors of the item
belongs_to_container What container does this belong to
bnumber An ALSPAC project code
data_distributions A list of data distributions for this abstract dataset
dataset_size The appoximate size in a version of a named Alspacdata set of custom data rel...
date_of_release The date this dataset was released to a colab
derived_from List of NamedAlspacDatasets that were used at least in part to derive this Na...
description A human-readable description for a thing
documentation_authors_orcids a list of the orcid ids of the documentation authors
filesize The size of the file in k, m,g or t
filetype what is the file type?
freeze_date When was this freeze made?
freeze_number What number freeze is this?
freeze_of_alspac_dataset_version What version was this freeze built from?
freeze_of_named_alspac_dataset What named alspac dataset is this freeze built from?
freeze_size The approximate size of all the data in the freeze
git_repo The git repo for this object
git_tag The git tag of the repo that made this freeze
has_containers A list of dirs in this named alspac dataset version or freeze or custom data...
has_current_version The current version of this named alspac dataset
has_freezes A list of freezes for this version of the data
has_next_version The next version of this named alspac dataset
has_parts A list of parts of a named alspac dataset version or freeze or custom dataset
has_previous_version The previous version of this named alspac dataset
has_scripts A list of scripts that are included in a dataset version or freeze
id A unique identifier for a thing
in_catalog What catalog is this dataset a part of
is_current_freeze Is this current freeze?
is_current_version Is this the current version of a named alspac dataset
issue_description What the issue is
keywords A list of keywords
known_issues A list of known issues inline
landing_page_url A Web page that can be navigated to in a Web browser to gain access to the ca...
linker_file_md5sum What is the md5sum of the dataset linker file used to make this freeze
logged_by The person who logged this issue
logged_date The date that this issue was logged
main_publication_doi A doi ref to the main publication describing this dataset
md5sum What is the md5sum of the file in this distribution?
name A human-readable name for a thing
named_alspac_datasets A list of named alspac data sets curies ids
next_freeze What is the next freeze ?
number_of_cnv_variants The number of cnv vaiants
number_of_cpgs The number of CPG sites
number_of_gene_expression_probe_values This slot is used for gene expression data distributions
number_of_participants The number of alspac participants in this dataset
number_of_variants The number of genetic variants (i
previous_freeze What was the previous freeze?
primary_email The main email address to contact
primary_investigator_orcids The orcid ids of the pis
publications_dois A list of publications dois that use or refer to this data set
qc_description Some free text to describe any quality control that has been performed
qc_key A key might be something that has been done or a description of a paramater
qc_parts A list of key value pairs for for information about quality control of this d...
qc_value A value for a key
required_files If a file should be used with another file list them
see_also Links to useful info
ug_key A key is something you might want to do for example run a gwas
ug_parts A list of key value pairs, where a key is something you might want to do and ...
ug_value A description or link to how to do something
version_of What named Alspac dataset is this a version of
versions A list of versions of a named dataset
woc_file_md5sum The md5sum of the woc file used to make this freeze


Enumeration Description


Type Description
xsd:boolean A binary (true or false) value
xsd:string a compact URI
xsd:date a date (year, month and day) in an idealized calendar
linkml:DateOrDatetime Either a date or a datetime
xsd:dateTime The combination of a date and time
xsd:decimal A real number with arbitrary precision that conforms to the xsd:decimal speci...
xsd:double A real number that conforms to the xsd:double specification
xsd:float A real number that conforms to the xsd:float specification
xsd:integer An integer
xsd:string Prefix part of CURIE
shex:nonLiteral A URI, CURIE or BNODE that represents a node in a model
shex:iri A URI or CURIE that represents an object in the model
xsd:string A character string
xsd:time A time object represents a (local) time of day, independent of any particular...
xsd:anyURI a complete URI
xsd:anyURI a URI or a CURIE


Subset Description